EDIUS 9.50 now available / Grass Valley launches EDIUS 9 "Plus" Promotion with free upgrade to the next EDIUS version

Here you can download the new version EDIUS 9.50 directly.

Amsterdam, 13 September 2019 Today, at the IBC in Amsterdam Grass Valley presents version 9.50 of its EDIUS editing solution, which has been extended by a large number of particularly requested features. As always, EDIUS 9 users get the update to version 9.50 free of charge.

In addition, Grass Valley today launches an attractive EDIUS 9 "Plus" Promotion that will be available until the release of the next version of EDIUS. Anyone purchasing EDIUS 9 between 13 September 2019 and 31 december 2020 will receive a free upgrade to the next version of EDIUS. Entitled are EDIUS Pro 9 or Workgroup 9 full versions as well as (Jump) upgrades from version 8 and older EDIUS versions - except for the discounted EDU versions and the Home Edition. As with EDIUS 8 and 9, EDIUS 9 and the next version can be installed in parallel on the same PC. Further information on the EDIUS 9 "Plus" Promotion can be found at: www.edius.net/plus

EDIUS 9.50 includes the following new features, amongst others:

Multicam Audio Sync
The synchronization of multi-camera recordings is now also possible via audio - as desired by many users. The new function is used when shooting with multiple cameras - or even when adding sound recording by a Field Recorder. Synchronization is possible both before editing and during editing, if, for example, further recordings are added to the project. Ultra-fast audio analysis is achieved by supporting clip brands. Another innovation is the automatic adjustment of the number of cameras in the multicam preview. When synchronizing to a new multicam sequence, EDIUS automatically selects the optimal view according to the number of cameras.

Import of Blackmagic RAW clips
EDIUS 9.50 supports the import of the new Blackmagic RAW format. Thus, EDIUS is probably the only editing software on the market that supports all popular raw formats. braw files of the URSA Mini Pro and the Pocket Cinema 4K can thus be imported directly via the bin window.
In addition, Workgroup users also benefit from the draft mode optimized for Blackmagic RAW. Finally, EDIUS 9.50 now supports the special color spaces of the Blackmagic cameras.

Export of Apple ProRes 4444 clips with alpha channel
Unlike many other editing systems, EDIUS allows the export of videos with alpha channel. New in EDIUS 9.50 is the export including alpha channel in the format ProRes 4444. EDIUS Pro 9.50 allows the ProRes 4444 export as MOV file, EDIUS Workgroup 9.50 also offers MXF file in addition.

Import of other raw camera formats (Canon and Sony)
EDIUS 9.50 now supports the import of Canon Cinema Raw Light material from the recently introduced Canon EOS C500 Mark II. In addition, the Sony Raw support has been updated to version 3.3. The import of Sony X-OCN material is now also possible in EDIUS 9.50.

New Features in Mync
The Media Management Software Mync now supports, amongst others, the decoding of Blackmagic RAW material. The color spaces of the Blackmagic Design cameras are also available. With the new loop playback function clips are automatically played as an endless loop.

Further information can be found in our podcast on EDIUS 9.50 and in our IBC Report presenting EDIUS 9.50:

Outlook on the new audio sync feature in EDIUS 9.50

At this year’s trade show “Digitalschnittmesse 2019” in Munich, Grass Valley gave an outlook on the new Audio Sync feature in EDIUS. This feature will be available with the next EDIUS 9.50 update. The coming update will also include other additional features and is expected to be released in September 2019. In the following report from the trade show the Audio Sync function is explained in more detail:

Promotion until 31 August 2019: EDIUS Pro 9 Home Edition – more than 50% off!

Grass Valley fulfils the wishes of many private users and offers with the EDIUS Pro 9 Home Edition out now the full functionality of the award-winning editing program EDIUS Pro 9. Customers save over 50% on the regular full version price - the Home Edition is available for only 209€ (EMEA) or 239USD (Americas) plus local tax.

“There are two limitations” Michael Lehmann-Horn, CEO of magic multi media GmbH and EDIUS Distributor, explains: "The EDIUS Pro 9 Home Edition is aimed exclusively at private users and may not be used commercially. Furthermore, the Home Edition is not eligible for the standard upgrade to a future EDIUS version 10."

EDIUS Pro 9 is known for its excellent performance and stability. It is available without subscription requirement. In the current version the editing software offers numerous optimized functions for the creative videographer as well as for the private documentation of a wedding celebration or vacation trip. This includes multi-camera editing and a color correction for the creation of film looks as well as for the quick correction of color casts. EDIUS Pro 9 natively supports nearly every modern camera codec and allows the mixing of material, also in terms of frame rate and resolution, on a timeline.

EDIUS Pro 9 already runs on a standard notebook or office PC and therefore usually does not require any additional investment in new hardware. At www.EDIUS.NET users can find an EDIUS Pro 9 Home Edition podcast as well as a large number of free tutorials with tips and tricks. All information, the free support and the software itself is available not only in English, but also in German, French, Italian, Spanish and other languages.

Michael Lehmann-Horn explains: "We are delighted that we can offer the EDIUS Pro 9 Home Edition for more than 50% off the price of the regular version, a highly attractive offer for dedicated private users. EDIUS Pro 9 Home Edition can be purchased through EDIUS resellers until 31 August 2019."

Further information can be found at www.EDIUS.NET.

EDIUS 9.40.4896 released

This small update to version 9.40.4896 includes a bug fix for multicam performance problems which appeared on some systems. Details regarding this update can be found in the EDIUS 9.40.4896 release notes.

Download EDIUS version 9.40.4896

Grass Valley EDIUS 9.40 out now!

Grass Valley has now released version 9.40 of its EDIUS editing solution. As always, EDIUS 9 users will benefit from the update free of charge. Version 9.40 includes major new features and improvements that will significantly enhance the workflow of EDIUS 9 users.

EDIUS 9.40 now provides:

•    Apple ProRes export and ProRes Raw import
•    Enhanced multicam function with newly implemented sync options (incl. the announcement of soon to come audio sync)
•    Optimized and comfortable HDR-SDR conversion with soft-clip tone mapping
•    Optimized mask motion tracker
•    Import/Export of closed captioning including burn to video
•    New high-speed H.265 software decoder for an improved performance regarding HEVC clips
•    Support for the latest intel QuickSync technology for processors like i7-9700K or i9-9900K for H.264/H.265 acceleration

In addition, EDIUS 9.40 includes a number of further features like new format import support for Sony Venice Raw, Panasonic P2 8K and faster Canon Cinema Raw Light performance as well as new format export support for H.264/H.265 as MOV.

At NAB 2019 magic multi media, distributor for EDIUS in EMEA and North America, produced a video report covering all the major features and enhancements. You find this report and lots of other valuable information, access to free tutorials, podcasts, the EDIUS user forum and updates as well as a free EDIUS trial version at www.EDIUS.NET.

Until the end of May 2019 anyone purchasing EDIUS 9 gets proDAD Vitascene V3 LE (regular price 199$/170€+ VAT) as a bonus for free. This promotion applies to all versions of EDIUS Pro 9 and Workgroup 9: full version, upgrade, jump upgrade, jump 2 upgrade and EDU. Please find all details about this promotion at www.EDIUS.NET/promo.

Different to other professional NLE solutions, EDIUS is available for purchase and does not force the user into an unwanted subscription model.

Further information about EDIUS 9 can be found at www.EDIUS.NET.