Here you find information regarding the new version EDIUS 11:

Whenever an editor has to wait and pause for an NLE-system to render, recover and respond creativity suffers. EDIUS on the other hand offers outstanding performance even with a standard notebook. EDIUS supports a multitude of formats and handles highest resolutions in real-time true to the slogan: “Edit Anything, Fast”. EDIUS is the perfect finishing tool for professional filmmaking including documentary and 4K-productions.

  • 1_Main Screenshot EDIUS X.png
  • 2_Motion Tracker (Anchor Mode) EDIUS X.png
  • 3_Motion Tracker (Chase Mode) EDIUS X.png
  • 4_GV Job Monitor EDIUS X.png
  • 5_Acon Digital - EDIUS Editions EDIUS X.png
  • 6_ProDAD - Vitascene V4 EDIUS Edition EDIUS X.png
  • 7_NewBlue Titler Pro 7 EDIUS Edition EDIUS X.png