Outstanding file format support

EDIUS X Pro supports more file formats than any other NLE. For postproduction purposes Grass Valley’s highly performant intermediate 10-bit-HQX-Codec is the optimal choice. For EDIUS X Pro, the Avid DNxHD/DNxHR-codec is available as an option, EDIUS X Workgroup supports them directly.

And: EDIUS is well known to support the camera manufacturers’ newest codecs at very early stages – sometimes even before the corresponding camera-models hit the shelves!

Best in class editing of different formats on one timeline

Like no other NLE EDIUS X is capable of a real-time-editing, real-time up- and down-scaling, framerate- and format-conversion allowing mixing all kinds of different formats and footage on one timeline. If you work in HD then simply move any 4/3-SD-file onto the timeline, just mix NTSC- and PAL-footage, add some smartphone some 4K-shots and other footage with different framerates. EDIUS Pro 9 X takes care of any needed real-time conversion with no time wasted on manual transcoding or rendering queues.