When purchasing EDIUS 11 you receive a permanent license including all 11.xx updates free of charge introducing new features during the EDIUS 11 lifecycle. EDIUS 11 is free from subscription fees and time-limitations. Your investment is secure because you may work with EDIUS 11 as long as you wish with no further charges even after the introduction of a new EDIUS-version (major release) in the future.

EDIUS 11 can be activated on 1 PC at the time. You can deactivate and activate another PC twice a week if you need to switch the editing PC. Or if you need to work on a second device more often, you can purchase a second license at a fair price.
Please note that the second license is attached to your first license and will be connected to the same eID. It is a second license for you, not for a second user. A second user always needs an own license.

In case your notebook is not well suited for rather demanding material (like 4K/multicam/multiple layers) you will enjoy the EDIUS X-proxy-mode for a smooth and uninterrupted editing experience.