Finally, end of April the long awaited NAB Show took place again in Las Vegas. The biggest Broadcast and Video trade show in the world presented lots of news around Grass Valley EDIUS X. In our NAB Show Report 2022, we take a close look at some of the new features included in the latest version 10.32 of EDIUS X:

New features

  • Nikon Z9 N-Raw format with N-Log colorspace and Nikon Z9 ProRes RAW support
  • 8K Support: EDIUS X Pro can create, edit and export projects in resolutions up to 8K (before only Workgroup offered this possibility)
  • Extended Copy Clip Attribute Function: Paste attributes to multiple clips
  • Extended Copy Clip Attribute Function: Copy and paste clip color
  • Extended HLS format editing and export - particularly interesting for customers who have massive footage in the S3 storage of Amazon

As always, EDIUS X users benefit from the 10.32 update free of charge.

EDIUS Hub Server installation

At the NAB Show 2022 Grass Valley also - for the first time - presented the new EDIUS Hub Server installation making the EDIUS X Workgroup a true workgroup version.

The EDIUS Hub Server installation can be done in the cloud on AWS systems or locally in the users’ own network. Basically, the metadata information (like markers and tags), is directly available on all systems connected to the Hub Server and can be shared. With this system it is also possible to render in the network on multiple render systems – instead of rendering on the workstations.

The EDIUS Hub Server installation is expected to be used in many areas, for example by news, education and govermental.


Other great news from the NAB Show 2022 is the AMPP (Agile Media Processing Platform). This is a partner platform which manufacturers (Grass Valley and others) can use to offer their services. At NAB Show 2022, the AMPP MAM (Media Asset Management) Integration was shown for the first time. EDIUS can access the media files and meta data of AMPP MAM. This is particularly interesting with regard to AI processing. Also, the pandemic has been a big innovating factor and many visitors at the NAB were looking at solutions how to work together without being in the same place. AMPP is the perfect platform for that, and we are proud to say that EDIUS is now part of this platform.

Please watch our NAB Show Report 2022 for more detailed information!