Important: Please note that when updating to EDIUS 11.10.13684, you also need to update Vistitle (Express or full version) to version 3.100. We strongly recommend using the EDIUS 11 Setup Manager to do both updates at the same time. If you do not want to use the EDIUS 11 Setup Manager, you need to install the VisTitle 3.100 Update manually (Link to the VisTitle 3.100 update).

This update to EDIUS 11 version 11.10.13684 includes a number of features that the EDIUS community has requested, amongst others:

  • “The Green Dot” - the indicator on clips in the Bin window to show if they are used in a timeline sequence - is reintroduced.
  • EDIUS 11 now supports H.264 (AVC) and H.265 (HEVC) hardware decoding with Nvidia NVDEC.
  • More native EDIUS video filters are now processed fully in the GPU*: primary color correction, monotone and median. This is milestone 1 in a GPU pipeline project which will allow EDIUS to process video even faster.
    * requires Direct3D Feature Level 11_1 or newer by Nvidia, AMD or intel GPU
  • The speed to show the contents of the Bin window when opening a project is accelerated.

In addition, the update fixes several bugs, mainly in relation to the Bin and Mync.

You find more details about this update in the EDIUS 11 version 11.10.13684 Release Notes.

Here you can download EDIUS 11 version 11.10.13684