EDIUS 9.10 is now available via download.

The most important features are:

  • Export of H.265 via intel QuickSync hardware encoder:
    File export with the modern and even more effective H.265 Codec, 8bit and 10bit export.
    Please note: The complex H.265 encoding is available in combination with an appropriate hardware encoder only. Hence the H.265 export is only possible with processors that have a QuickSync hardware encoder integrated ( list of appropriate processors with QuickSync). Without such a processor the H.265 export is currently not possible. The latest intel processors with integrated GPU contain such a hardware encoder. The 6th generation (Skylake) supports the H.265 export in 8bit in the main profile. The 7th generation (Kaby Lake) and the 8th generation (Coffee Lake) additionally allow the H.265 export in 8bit as well as 10bit in the main profile.
  • XAVC Proxy Workflow:
    Import and automatic recognition of Sony XAVC/XAVC-S Proxy-files.
    Workflow: The proxy files can be transferred directly to the editing suite at the TV station from the camera, via FTP or from the memory card, via laptop. They can also be edited on a simple laptop. Therefore the proxy files are imported and the project is edited. When the high resolution XAVC footage is finally available after a lengthy data transfer or via a memory card, the proxy files can be replaced. When importing them EDIUS automatically recognizes the missing, high resolution footage. As soon as EDIUS has the complete XAVC data available, the software also automatically uses the proxy files. When switching to proxy mode via mode, EDIUS no longer needs to generate proxy files as was required before.
  • Improvements of the media management software Mync:
    Fast tagging of files via shortcuts, subclip workflow for generating shorter clips inter alia for a more accurate trimming and dividing a long clip into fragments, multiple still image preview (up to 10 still images simultaneously) for a better overview and a simplified ratings process, extended reading and integration of file metadata, adoption of the original data taken from the source when generating snapshots.
  • Further EDIUS improvements:
    Elimination of certain issues, progress bar on the EDIUS icon in the taskbar when exporting and rendering selected clips.

Our EDIUS podcast shows you the new features: