This update to EDIUS 11 version 11.11.14054 includes several new features, amongst others:

  • EDIUS 11 is now much faster due to a data base upgrade
  • Optimized Multicam Workflow: A feature to edit the clip property "Reel Name" for multiple selected clips in the Mync window has been added. For example, you can assign the camera name (camera 1, 2, 3 or long shot, left, right...) as the reel name. This enables EDIUS to assign the clips to different camera settings and to synchronize them via multicam audio sync.
  • Support displaying CEA-708 closed caption contains double-byte characters
  • Improved performance when multiple clips are selected in the Bin window
  • General Improved Performance (by optimization of the database access)

In addition, the update fixes several bugs. Details about this update you find in the EDIUS 11 version 11.11.14054 Release Notes.

Here you can download EDIUS 11 version 11.11.14054

Please note that when updating to EDIUS 11.11.14054, you also need to update Vistitle (Express or full version) to version 3.100 if you have not already done so. We strongly recommend using the EDIUS 11 Setup Manager to do both updates at the same time. If you do not want to use the EDIUS 11 Setup Manager, you need to install the VisTitle 3.100 Update manually (Link to the VisTitle 3.100 update).