Grass Valley launches EDIUS 9.31 at the Inter Bee Show in Tokyo

Tokyo, 14th November 2018 - Grass Valley is making its new version 9.31 of the editing solution available to all EDIUS 9 users for free as usual.
It is an update with minor improvements. Nevertheless, this version also contains new features. Details about these new features are shown in our EDIUS podcast "New in EDIUS 9.31".

New are:
Extension of the "Edit marker" dialogue
Both the Pro and Workgroup versions now contain an extended “Edit marker” dialogue box. In this the color of the marker is now freely selectable. For the division into chapters for Blu-ray, DVD, Flash Video and Stratus the standard orange marks are available. The out-point and duration can be set. Sequence markers now have an anchor option. For an even faster access to the dialogue box, it is now also possible to set a keyboard shortcut or a button. Details about this function can be found in our EDIUS podcast "New in EDIUS 9.31".

Support for the new Fujifilm X-T3
EDIUS now also supports the HEVC/H.265 footage of the Fujifilm X-T3. Thus, all formats of the new mirrorless system camera can now be processed directly.

New Nikon N-Log color space
EDIUS now also supports the new Nikon color space N-Log. This means that virtually all currently known log formats such as Arri Log-C, Canon C-Log, DJI D-Log, Fujifilm F-Log, JVC J-Log, Panasonic V-Log and Sony S-Log can be processed directly. This support also allows for a simple color space conversion via the primary color correction.

For the workgroup version only:
Preview device: Video-out conversion
This feature is interesting for users who e.g. work with UHD in 50p, but only use a UHD 25p editing card or just an HD monitor. Until now there was simply no output possibility if the preview device did not support the project format. Now the conversion allows a preview of higher resolutions and frame rates. An algorithm checks which conversion format is the most reasonable and compatible with the hardware. Both in the Pro and in the Workgroup version 9.31 the preview mode is displayed in the status bar. Depending on the conversion mode, a corresponding symbol is displayed. Details about this function can be found in our EDIUS podcast "New in EDIUS 9.31".

Monitor Control
The Workgroup version offers a special HDR Monitor Control function. This function takes over the color space control for compatible monitors. Currently some EIZO monitors are already supported, from version 9.31 now also the model "EIZO ColorEdge CG279X".

EDIUS Pro 9 takes the lead: Adobe Premiere Pro struggles badly with smartphone codecs

Germany’s leading video magazine “videoaktiv” recently tested the video quality of high-end smartphones. But this ranking was about to fail when the editing staff started working on sample footage to export and to present to their online community at Editing those smartphone clips with the Adobe Premiere Pro editing system proofed to be impossible. The Adobe Premiere Pro PC crashed several times. “Trouble already started while importing” the article says, “numerous times the program crashed no matter what smartphone clip we started with.”

videoaktiv’s editing staff therefore switched their reference editing system from Premiere Pro to Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 9 – and EDIUS “imported nearly all formats flawlessly”. Chief editor Joachim Sauer concludes: ”This is very likely to become our new solution for all video material. This is due to the fact, that Premiere’s crashes have become worse during the last 1 ½ years when mixing different formats. But to us mixing different codecs and resolutions is rather the standard workflow than the exception – just as it might probably be in your case?”

We very much appreciate that this article of Germany’s leading video magazine “videoaktiv” once more underlines that EDIUS does make a lot of a difference with its claim and true performance when it comes to “Edit Anything!”.

Grass Valley introduces EDIUS 9.30 at IBC

Amsterdam, 14th of September 2018 - At IBC, Grass Valley introduces the latest version 9.30 of its EDIUS editing solution.
This update focuses on the implementation of various feature requests from filmmakers, TV stations and production companies.
EDIUS 9 users can download the update to version 9.30 from 17th September 2018 for free as part of the regular feature expansion by Grass Valley.

Closed caption display
New features include the closed caption display, which allows subtitles to be switched on and off as needed. The subtitles are not burned into the image but are part of the metadata in the video stream. This provides the flexibility desired by users.

50/60p timecode display
Recording in 50/60p – also in UHD – is becoming increasingly popular and EDIUS has always supported these frame rates. As of version 9.30, EDIUS now also introduces the 50/60p timecode display. The frames are numbered from 0 to 49 or 59 respectively.
RED Raw decoding GPU support
EDIUS provides intuitive and fast color correction tools, making it ideal for editing scenic work, which is often recorded in raw format. In addition to Sony Raw and Canon Raw, EDIUS 9.30 now also provides full GPU acceleration for RED Raw.
Extended optical flow options
As the first editing software ever, EDIUS 8.30 was able to calculate convincing slow motion and frame rate conversions in real time. EDIUS 9.30 now also offers the opportunity to individually adapt various parameters in order to optimize the image analysis and interpolation of the respective image material. The result is a quality increase in slow motion and frame rate conversion.
Extension of the exporter
In addition to new added formats, the exporter now offers up to four standard settings instead of one. The user can thus export even faster in the typical formats used and also create keyboard shortcuts and buttons for these. This applies both to the individual file output and to the batch export, in which several files are exported at once.
Coloured markers and other innovations
“We are very pleased that the EDIUS development team has been able to implement valuable suggestions from both the news and the creative sector in this free 9.30 update”, explains Michael Lehmann-Horn, CEO at magic multi media GmbH and Grass Valley EDIUS distributor. “This ranges from the implementation of additional colours for sequence and clip markers for a better organization of the footage, via the extension of the supported video formats to the implementation of individual customer requests.”
Berlin Philharmonic produce with EDIUS 9 in UHD HDR
As a prominent example, Michael Lehmann-Horn names the Berlin Philharmonic, whose UHD HDR concert productions enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide. “The Philharmonic asked us to expand the AVC Ultra MXF Exporter of the EDIUS Workgroup version to include amongst others HDR metadata and additional audio settings. The EDIUS team made this possible. So from now on many other users of the EDIUS 9 Workgroup version will benefit from this together with the Philharmonic.”

ProDAD Vitascene V3 LE free until the end of the year
Starting with IBC there is a special campaign in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) running until 31st May 2019 (time frame extended). Anyone purchasing EDIUS 9 from 14th September 2018 will receive the high-quality video effects program ProDAD Vitascene V3 LE worth 167€ as a free bonus. Existing EDIUS 9 customers have the possibility to buy Vitascene V3 LE for just 39€.
More information at:
Crossgrade campaign for users who switch to EDIUS from another editing software
Users switching from another editing software can now buy EDIUS Pro 9 "Jump 2" for only 369€. This promotion is also only valid in EMEA.
(All prices are recommended retail prices plus local VAT.)

The website informs about the requirements for the crossgrade offer, the new features in version EDIUS 9.30 as well as the media management tool Mync, which is contained in EDIUS. On this website users find the EDIUS 9.30 update download (, the free 30-day trial as well as the latest EDIUS podcast (, which presents all the innovations of EDIUS 9.30 in detail.

EDIUS 9.21 released

This small update to version 9.21.3770 includes bug fixes and an updated support for Grass Valley Stratus. The update to EDIUS 9.21 is free for EDIUS Pro 9 and Workgroup 9 customers. Details regarding the updates can be found in the EDIUS 9.21 release notes.

Download of EDIUS 9.21

Note: New functions are planed for the upcoming EDIUS version 9.30. (Release date: Mid September 2018 at IBC).

NAB Show Reports

The NAB Show 2018 presents version 9.20 of EDIUS as well as a number of new products in relation to EDIUS 9. We have produced the following Reports for you:



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