EDIUS 9.52.6153 released

This small update to version 9.52.6031 fixes a couple of bugs. Details regarding this update can be found in the EDIUS 9.52.6153 release notes.

Download EDIUS version 9.52.6153

EDIUS 10: September 2020

Grass Valley announces EDIUS X (spoken “EDIUS 10“) to be released in September 2020 with a short trailer.

In an exclusive EDIUS.NET interview EDIUS product manager Alex Kataoka shares a first outlook on the new features. EDIUS will for example benefit from a modular design allowing processes like background rendering. A new project format will enable additional options for exchange and integration tasks. GPU support will also be extended. This all leads to further improve the performance of EDIUS X allowing even more efficient individual workflows.

EDIUS 9 “Plus” Promotion: Customers that have purchased EDIUS 9 since 13 September 2019 (or will be purchasing EDIUS 9) will get EDIUS X for free. If applicable you may already claim your free license of EDIUS X now: www.edius.net/plus.

EDIUS 9.52.6031 released

This small update to version 9.52.6031 fixes a couple of bugs. Details regarding this update can be found in the EDIUS 9.52.6031 release notes.

Download EDIUS version 9.52.6031

EDIUS Workgroup 9 Stay at Home

Grass Valley offers a free time limited license for qualified customers


Customers running EDIUS Workgroup at a business facility may claim time limited licenses of EDIUS Workgroup 9 free of charge for employees needing to work temporarily from home due to Corona restrictions.

Customers eligible for free licenses of “EDIUS Workgroup 9 Stay at Home” are existing EDIUS customers such as broadcast stations, corporations and government institutions.

Free temporary Grass Valley STRATUS licenses are also available for the corresponding STRATUS customers.

The temporary STRATUS and EDIUS Workgroup 9 Stay at Home version will run until 30th June 2020. Grass Valley will continue to monitor the situation world wide and may modify or terminate the program at any time.

For more details and how to claim a license please visit https://www.edius.net/stayathome

EDIUS 10 Preview & EDIUS 9 Feature Interview with Product Manager Alex | EDIUS Insight News

In March 2020 the EDIUS.NET team visited the Grass Valley EDIUS product develoment team in Kobe, Japan. In this EDIUS Insight News Interview, Grass Valley EDIUS Product Manager Atsushi "Alex" Kataoka makes a review of many of the features added to EDIUS 9 during the last 2 years. Michael Lehmann-Horn, the CEO of EDIUS.NET, also asks Alex about EDIUS 10, which will be released this year (2020) and about Black Dragon, the new owner of Grass Valley.