Free licenses of EDIUS Workgroup 9 for broadcast and professional customers.

Free licenses valid until June 30th, 2020.

Program Details
For any customer running EDIUS Workgroup at a business facility, including broadcast stations, corporations and government institutions, Grass Valley will provide a time limited license of EDIUS Workgroup 9 free of charge for those employees working from home.
For broadcast customers running with GV STRATUS, STRATUS option will also be provided.

Existing EDIUS customers running EDIUS clients at a business location. (Customer provides VPN, 3rd party remote access software and all required hardware.)

Review, Evaluation and Termination
This program will be reviewed periodically by Grass Valley. This review will include, among other things, evaluation of the program’s success to date and any proposed changes to the program. The program may be modified or terminated at any time at the discretion of Grass Valley. Upon modification or termination by Grass Valley, Grass Valley’s only liability with respect to this promotion will be to honor any outstanding duly approved orders.

For additional questions please contact the EDIUS.NET team.

To claim a free license of "EDIUS Workgroup 9 Stay at Home" please fill in the form below. Note: You can claim more than one license, but then the processing time will be up to 48 hours.

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