As of now we are offering an EDIUS X Crossgrade at a special price for those switching to EDIUS from another editing program. The Jump 2 Upgrade (Crossgrade) is being introduced as a permanent offer. It applies to both the EDIUS X Pro and the EDIUS X Workgroup version.

In order to qualify for the EDIUS X Crossgrade you must change to EDIUS X from another editing program with a purchase price or an annual prescription fee exceeding €/$ 200.
The purchase process is very simple. When buying the EDIUS X Crossgrade you  receive a code that you have to enter at At this website you submit information about your previous editing program to prove that you are eligible to buy the EDIUS X Crossgrade. The information is checked by the EDIUS.NET team and when approved, you will receive the license by e-mail within 24 hours.

For more information about this offer please contact your local EDIUS reseller.

EDIUS X Crossgrade