ShowRecDat is a free plug-in for reading metadata from videos and images in EDIUS.

In addition to the time code, date and time of the recording, also camera settings such as shutter, cover and gain are displayed.
Furthermore, the plug-in also shows the camera type, the bit rate and frame rate used, as well as other available information.

Also the GPS data can be displayed with this program if the recording contains this information.

ShowRecDat download(Version: 1.0.5 ,zip ,196KB )


Date Version Description
10.Jul17 V1.05 Adaptation for EDIUS V8.5.1 and Sony CX7xx support corrected
Note this version may not be usable in older EDIUS versions, please use Version 1.04
30.Jan17 V1.04 AX53 support added
For using EDIUS Version smaller than 8.51, please download this version.
24.Mar16 V1.03 adjustment for A7R2+ Picture Profiles
01.Mar16 V1.02 adjustment for A7R2 and Exposure Mode Setting
22.Jul15 V1.01 with Canon HF G30 Support from MP4 file und updated XAVC-S for RX10M2 with picture profile
19.Jul15 V1.0 Initial public Version V1.0