Depending on the kind of videos you produce as a filmmaker visual effects – even when they are playful - can enrich your videos and draw the viewer’s attention.
Adorage Volume 12 and 13 contain effects which are especially suitable for travel and wedding videos, videos of family gatherings or other festivities and special moments.
With Adorage you can accentuate particular parts of your video and create spectacular scenic transitions.

ProDAD Adorage Effects Package Volume 12 HD contains:

* More than 1000 effects focusing on the subjects “skylines and contours”
* Around 1200 effects on the topic “sights“
* Sophisticated split-screen effects and video collages
* Numerous universally applicable effects (such as textures, decorative framing effects, lighting effects, etc.)

ProDAD Adorage Effects Package Volume 13 HD contains:

* Hundreds of effects focusing on the subjects “family, festivities, parties”
* Hundreds of effects focusing on the subjects “love and romance”
* Impressive animations focusing on the subjects “ambience and symbols”
* Universally applicable effects, particle animations, light effects and compositions

With Adorage you can create excellent video compositions in a very short time.
All effects are on demand with the simple click of a mouse: Choose the effect, position and individualize it.
Compositions, short clips and more are fit seamlessly together with your own video material. Video and photos are equally suited since Adorage 13 works with both.

Integration of other Adorage Volumes
ProDAD Adorage 12 and 13 include already a plug-in for EDIUS X.
With this plug-in automatically older Adorage Volumes which are installed on your computer can be integrated in EDIUS

Starting from Volume 10 all Adorage effects are available in HD 16:9 format.
Volumes 1-9 only offer SD quality.

All current plug-in installers you find on our download page.

All plug-ins are available at your local EDIUS Reseller.