Even though nowadays shaky video footage has become a stylistic device…we can recommend an established tool against seasickness and dizziness:

ProDAD MercalliV2 Pro: The application is designed to smoothen and optimize video footage. It can be used for:

• Stabilization of jittery hand-held shots

• Optimization of footage produced with Dolly, steadycam or camera crane

• Rolling-Shutter-Compensation

Already by setting a few basic parameters a hand-held camera shot can be stabilized very effectively with ProDAD Mercalli. If you wish for, all parameters can be displayed detailed in one menu. Regardless of whether the footage was shot from a helicopter, motorbike or car – Mercalli can stabilize your video without destroying the authentic character of a hand-held camera.

In other situations an extensive stabilization might be required – for example when you have footage produced with a Dolly, steadycam or camera crane. Here every bump might destroy the visual impression of the shot.

But it is your decision how your video should look like. ProDAD Mercalli will evaluate your footage in a detailed but fast analysis method.

In contrary to SD material HD footage usually contains enough of sharpness to let ProDAD Mercalli zoom in - in order to stabilize the video. Besides scaling the video up it is also possible to choose a frame to mask the cut image.

Rolling-Shutter-Correction integrated

Video-DSR-Cameras are very popular nowadays but the risk for camera shakes is much higher than with shoulder mount cameras. Furthermore DSLR-cameras typically work with CMOS sensors which can lead to Rolling-Shutter effects – especially if you move your camera fast. By applying an “Anti-Rolling-Shutter-Filter” ProDAD Mercalli corrects such sensor distortions.

ProDAD offer

Especially for EDIUS users who upgraded from EDIUS 5.x/6.0x to EDIUS 9, ProDAD Mercalli V2 Pro is very recommended. Mercalli came along with those old EDIUS 32bit-versions as a free plugin-in added on the Bonus DVD. To continue editing old projects where Mercalli was used, you have to upgrade to Mercalli V2 64bit.

If you have one of these old Mercalli V2 Bundle versions which came along with EDIUS 5 or EDIUS 6 you can now purchase an upgrade for a fair price. This upgrade includes a 64bit plug-in for EDIUS 9 as well as a stand-alone-version (SAL) and many more plug-ins for 32/64-bit applications.

All current plug-in installers you find on our download page.

All plug-ins are available at your local EDIUS Reseller.