ProDAD Heroglyph V4 Pro is the ideal software to create professional video titles and animations.

Thanks to „QuickStart-presets“ even beginners can easily create high-quality animations for the following fields:

• Titles and subtitles (lower-third)
• Animation of travel routes
• Composition of slideshows and video walls
• Auto-animated handscripts

Heroglyph V4 offers a vast collection of over 500 templates and elements.
Pre-set animations can be customized individually according to your needs.

The handling is easy and logical. The menu navigation is based on Microsoft Office and therefore does not require any adjustment.
Hence, ProDAD Heroglyph V4 Pro is perfect for ambitious amateurs as well as professional users like wedding videographers who need more functionalities than basic title solutions integrated in Premiere, EDIUS & Co. can offer.

You can use Heroglyph as a Stand-alone software but also as a plug-in in EDIUS. As a plug-in Heroglyph is integrated in the EDIUS effect palette and offers a lot of advantages.
If you want to accelerate or slow down a travel route you just have to shorten or extend the particular clip on the EDIUS timeline.

All adjustments and changes can be made within the EDIUS project. This makes it easy to keep an overview over complex animations and possible changes. Every adjustment can be monitored immediately on the EDIUS timeline and if necessary optimized.

To find out more about Heroglyph V4 watch the trailer.

All current plug-in installers you find on our download page.

All plug-ins are available at your local EDIUS Reseller.