Mercalli V4

Most action cams, DSLR cameras and many professional video cameras are equipped with so called CMOS sensors. If a camera with such a CMOS sensor is exposed to shakes or vibrations the process of recording an image line by line is likely to be disturbed. Typical image distortions like wobble occur. The recorded picture seems to behave like jelly.

Those image defects are far more complex than a rolling shutter effect and cannot be solved by the ordinary CMOS correction provided by most stabilizing solutions. A recording corrupted by shake or vibration cannot be stabilized effectively.

To automatically detect and repair even complex CMOS-image-problems within EDIUS and to then stabilize the image proDAD developed the Mercalli V4 Suite. Along with the stand alone of Version Mercalli V4 SAL the suite comes with two EDIUS plug-ins:

The “CMOS-Fixr” and the “Mercalli V4 Stabilizr”.

The EDIUS plug-in “CMOS-Fixr” automatically corrects problems caused by shake or vibration. The “Mercalli V4 Stabilizr” plug-in then stabilizes the CMOS-corrected footage if any further optimization should be necessary at all. Applying the CMOS-Fixr is often already all it takes to achieve an optimal quality.

Nevertheless, when using the Stabilizr plug-in the benefit and special quality of the Mercalli Suite becomes evident. You can either use the full automatic mode to stabilize one or multiple clips in high quality. Or you decide to finetune almost every setting to customize Mercalli’s stabilization parameters to the individual scene. By adjusting the degree of stabilization, you can also control the amount of zoom-in and the look of the stabilized footage. This way fast sport and action shots retain their individual character.

Mercalli V4 Suite is equally suited for fast workflows like news or event editing as well as taking your time to finetune every detail when optimizing documentary or scenic shots.

All current plug-in installers you find on our download page.

All plug-ins are available at your local EDIUS Reseller.