NEW in EDIUS 10.34
(Release Notes) (Release Notes)

  • NDI Output for the EDIUS X Workgroup version
  • Quality improvement of exported H.264 MP4 VBR files

NEW in EDIUS 10.33

(Release Notes)

  • Updates for format support: Apple ProRes RAW, BMD Raw, RED Raw, Sony RAW, Sony Venice
  • Updates for format support: Avid DNxHD and DNxHR V2.7.3.68 (Workgroup only)
  • Updates for AJA hardware
  • Support for AJA IO X3 Hardware
  • New Render Option: New user setting “Show separate render progress dialog” enables maximum render power without background rendering

NEW in EDIUS 10.32

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NEW in EDIUS 10.31

(Release Notes)

  • Full support for 12th Gen Intel CPUs with massive performance gain
  • H.265 10bit 4:2:2 hardware decoding with Intel QuickSync on 12th Gen Intel CPUs
  • Intel QuickSync Optimization for 11th and 12th Gen Intel CPUs
  • Improved performance of MP3 and AAC audio file export
  • Format support for new Canon EOS R5 C and C70 Canon Cinema RAW Light
  • Format support for GoPro HERO 10
  • Extended paste clip attributes feature for gain, offset and audio channel
  • Support of EDIUS Hub Server Environment for external rendering – more info about this option is coming soon
  • Added GV Render Engine icon in the taskbar to pause background services – e.g. to update a plug-in
  • Added an option to release the video hardware when EDIUS is inactive
  • New GV Job Monitor setting to automatically hide old jobs after x days

NEW in EDIUS 10.30
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NEW in EDIUS X Version 10.20
(Release Notes 1) (Release Notes 2) (Release Notes 3)

  • Support for Blackmagic Raw 2.0 with Color Science Gen 5 - for e.g. Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro and others
  • Background file conversion in Bin - allows to comfortably perform file conversions into various formats as background processes while continuing editing on a project
  • Extended Bin conversion - now H.264 and H.265 also as batch as well as improved naming
  • H.264 file export leveraging NVIDIA GPU - In addition to Intel QuickSync EDIUS X now also benefits from compatible NVIDIA GPUs when encoding H.264/AVC
  • Job Monitor Tab - extended GV Job Monitor with more features including an additional “Job” Tab to review background jobs
  • ProRes RAW color space selection function - automatically detects the correct color space when importing ProRes RAW material
  • Faster processing - H.265 decoding, waveform generation, operations in complex projects and the rendering of nested sequences is speeded up. Also the initialization of plug-ins and the loading of projects containing a multitude of QuickTitler titles is faster.
  • Extended Format Support - support for Sony α1 8K XAVC HS files, Canon EOS-1D X Mark III, EOS R5 RAW and IPB files as well as Apple ProRes RAW files recorded with Panasonic DC-S1H/ATOMOS NINJA V.
  • Extended Color Space Support - sRGB, DCI-P3 and P3-D65 color spaces preserved when importing and exporting MOV/MP4 files. The original clip’s color space is kept when bin converting into different file formats.
  • Extended Metadata Support - metadata of MOV/MP4 files is shown in the bin while the on-screen display can show timeline timecode, source timecode and user bit simultaneously.
  • Extended Export Support - exporting MP3 audio files possible. An option is now available to automatically import exported files into the bin. The Workgroup version also offers extended MXF file profile selection in the MXF exporter settings.
  • Mync Update - Mync has also been updated with all new EDIUS X formats and features additional import settings as well as enhanced export options.


NEW in EDIUS X Version 10.10
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NEW in EDIUS X Version 10.0
(Release Notes 1) (Release Notes 2)

  • Enhanced SDK makes EDIUS 10.x a perfect partner for complementing solutions allowing a tight integration of Third Party solutions and expand the possibilities even further.

Important: the list of new features in EDIUS X does not end herewith. EDIUS X has the same system with free .xx updates like EDIUS 9, which has been much appreciated by users. With upcoming EDIUS 10.x releases Grass Valley will continuously update and enhance EDIUS X with new functions and workflow options with every free update during the software’s lifecycle of about two to three years. Planned free of charge updates include:

  • Teamwork editing — including the sharing of content and projects
  • Enhanced workflow options utilizing the cloud
  • Intelligent handling of metadata for an optimized media management
  • Diagnostics and automatic bulk-optimization of audio & video clips
  • Enhanced SDK and Rest-API for third-party developers allowing for perfect integration




NEW in EDIUS 9.52
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NEW in EDIUS 9.51
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NEW in EDIUS 9.50
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NEW in EDIUS 9.40
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NEW in EDIUS 9.31 (Release Notes)

NEW in EDIUS 9.30 Erfahren Sie mehr über diese Funktion in unserem EDIUS Podcast(Release Notes)

NEW in EDIUS 9.20 Erfahren Sie mehr über diese Funktion in unserem EDIUS Podcast (Release Notes 1) (Release Notes 2)

NEW in EDIUS 9.10 Erfahren Sie mehr über diese Funktion in unserem EDIUS Podcast (Release Notes)

NEW in EDIUS 9.00 Erfahren Sie mehr über diese Funktion in unserem EDIUS Podcast (Release Notes 1) (Release Notes 2)

Important: the list of new features in EDIUS 9 does not end herewith. EDIUS 9 has the same system with free .xx updates like EDIUS 8, which has been much appreciated by users:
Every few months there is an update with new features and/or format support. In EDIUS 8, e.g. the following enhancements were added after the 8.00 version: primary colour correction, LUT support, colour space conversion, Log support, optical flow, motion tracker, new still picture engine (without Quicktime), loudness meter with auto correction (only in workgroup), Mync Media Asset Management with storyboard and upload function, better metadata support, new proxy mode with different resolutions, up to 64 channels of audio, 4K monitor and high DPI support, improved ProRes and DNxHD support, GPU acceleration for primary color correction, Raw support, draft preview mode with reduced preview quality for more real-time (only in workgroup), project templates, open FX support and much more.