EDIUS Workgroup 9 contains all features of EDIUS Pro 9 and supports the same plug-ins and hardware as EDIUS Pro 9. On top of that EDIUS Workgroup 9 offers additional features and benefits that we will describe in the following.

EDIUS Workgroup 9 addresses broadcasters as well as individual users in need of an enhanced feature set. The workgroup-version allows connecting to the Grass Valley STRATUS Video Produktion & Content Management System and working directly with a Grass Valley K2 SAN-system. Furthermore network solutions like a variety of MAM-systems (media asset management) are supported.

Especially in a broadcast environment with EDIUS as a strong player all across the globe, networking features are essential. Combined with GV STRATUS several cutters can work on the same story sharing the same source material, media and metadata for an ultrafast turnaround.

This combination supports and serves numerous destinations at the same time such as playout-servers, content management systems, social media channels and digital libraries.

The combination of EDIUS Workgroup 9 and GV STRATUS also offers an efficient content management system including workflow automation, the administration of user rights and storage optimization.

Even working remotely from a home office or directly from the set is possible with this system only requiring an internet-connection. You can search, stream and view stories as well as edit projects by proxy mode in low resolution or transfer the high-res-material onto your local storage before editing. When you have finished editing, the project file will be auto-conformed by the GV STRATUS Render Engine workstation computer for final processing and output.

If systems are not connected to GV STRATUS, proxy mode editing can also be made available by using the optional EDIUS XRE conform engine.

Different to EDIUS Pro 9 the EDIUS Workgroup 9 version allows an offline-activation. Therefore the editing system does not need to be connected to the internet. Generating an EDIUS ID is possible if you wish to do so but not mandatory.

Furthermore, only with EDIUS 9 Workgroup it is possible to select the preview quality. For example, UHD / 4K material or clips with many effects and filters can be viewed in real time. Moreover, only with the Workgroup version it is possible to view material in UHD ("4K 16:9") at 50p/60p on the preview monitor by using editing cards from e.g. Blackmagic Design or AJA.

There are several additional differences between EDIUS Workgroup 9 and EDIUS Pro 9. We have listed those in the following table and additionally commented on some features for a better understanding.