Built from scratch as a native 64-bit-solution for Windows 7, 8 and 10 EDIUS Pro 9 utilizes all of the advantages of today’s advanced 64-bit-operating systems. This includes the usage of up to 512 GB of system RAM for an optimal throughput of data, which is essential when using multiple layers, editing 3D and working with multicam-projects.

EDIUS Pro 9 is optimized for Intel Quick Sync like no other NLE. Not only does Quick Sync speed up the encoding of H.264 exporting files up to 10 times faster. Playing back H.264-footage on the timeline has been greatly improved as well as enabling to smoothly edit 4K-material even with a less then optimized office PC.

Quick Sync is a hardware implemented GPU-feature offered by many of Intel’s current Core i7, Core i5 and even Core i3 processors. Versions i7-4790K and i7-6700k are highly recommended for desktop-PCs as well as the i7-4810QM and i7-6820HQ for notebooks.

From version EDIUS Pro 8.10 the performance of ProRes and DNxHD footage on the timeline has been speeded up by 250 %.