FXHome Ignite Pro, developed by SFX-specialist FXHome, is a comprehensive collection of high quality video effects and tools all available as plug-ins within EDIUS. The more than 160 EDIUS compatible effects include customizable lens- and light flares, tools for keying, compositing and color grading as well as excellent video filters. Almost all of the more than 550 effects, presets and tools are key frame controllable.

Please see our demo video featuring a variety of those effects.

Here we show you further filters, that were added in 2017:

We have also produced an EDIUS podcast showing HitFilm Ignite filters together with EDIUS.

Ignite was originally developed as a collection of effects to be used with HitFilm. Very soon HitFilm became known as a very powerful and cost saving alternative for compositing solutions like After Effects. In the course of time more and more applications were supported. Currently Ignite supports the following programs: Grass Valley EDIUS, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro X, Apple Motion, Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve, Vegas Pro, Sony Catalyst Edit, NUKE by The Foundry.

Thankfully HitFilm choose not to bring separate versions to the market. You can instead use Ignite with different programs at the same time. So you may work with solutions like EDIUS, After Effects and Resolve on one computer and only one license of Ignite. This is an important, cost saving argument if you do work with several programs or maybe plan to switch to another solution in the future.

The license terms are very user-friendly as well as they allow Ignite to be installed on up to three computers. Before purchase you may of course test the trial version free of charge which can be turned into a full version by just entering the serial number. Here you find the download link to the trial version.

Try out Ignite and see how the effects enhance your footage. You will be amazed!

It would just be impossible to demonstrate all effects in this summary, because many of the over 160 plug-ins contain multiple presets and variations. Let us therefore point out some of the effects and tools we have featured in the demo video.

Color-Vibrance: if you shoot under water or against backlight  your images may appear flat. The „Color-Vibrance-Filter“  restores contrast und color and brings back life into your pictures without introducing artefacts. You determine the intensity and keep full control over your image. This also works great to add color to greyscale, procedural effects such as particles and textures. In this example we combined the filters „Vibrance“ and „Color-Vibrance“.
Auto-Levels: Ignite itself determines the optimal settings for the individual picture. Whenever your image does somehow not look as vivid like intended, then “Auto-Levels” intensifies the looks. Here we additionally applied the “Glow-Effect” to add a little bit of vacation mood to the scene.
Channel-Time-Shift: Ignite gives you separate access to the three RGB channels. You probably know this look from current video clips. With this effect you divide your image into its basic colors and manipulate them in time. So you may move the red, green and blue channel backwards or forwards individually.
Auto Volumetrics: This is a fascinating light effect that will enhance your footage with dynamic light rays adding even more depth to your scene. This effect is especially powerful if you have objects located in the foreground and background.
Animation/Compositing: For complex compositings you usually apply specialized solution like HitFilm. But maybe your scene just requires a few animated objects like flashes or laser beams? We have setup both in this compositing of the Golden Gate Bridge. You will be amazed how quickly and easily this can be done. A vignette, customizable in nearly every aspect as well, rounds up the composition.
Cine Style: Is it really possible to achieve a high end look by the push of a button? See for yourself! The ”Cine Style“-effect does look beautiful. The picture itself can easily be moved vertically to achieve an optimal framing. The grading and the appearance of the vignette can also be modified as you like. You may even add some film grain. And of course, you cannot only customize grain, vignette und the letterbox look - you can of course deselect each effect just as well.
Rain on Glass: Another example for the high quality of the Ignite effects. Would you have thought that those raindrops are generated by Ignite? And you free to choose how hard it is going to rain!
Lens-Flares / Anamorphic Lens Flare: Lens-flares belong to the most popular movie effects during recent (cinema)-years.  Ignite offers a wide variety of those effects. Among them you even find an Anamorphic-Lens-Flare-effect simulating the very popular flare behavior of an anamorphic lens. You can customize the intensity of the rays and adapt the effect perfectly to your scene.
Light Flares: Light Flares allow you to enhance your scene with animated lights sources and their reflections. Like in this example of Pier 39 where there was actually no sun to be seen when we shot the scene. You may fine tune every detail of the light flares settings. By choosing the desired focal length of the simulated lens you determine the character of the reflection.
Chroma Key: FXHome is also known for a green screen keyer of exceptional quality: PhotoKey 7 Pro. As the name implies this product has been developed to work on still pictures. Therefore we are even more excited about the quality of the keyer that FXHome included with Ignite! In almost no time you achieve convincing keying results even with semitransparent objects.
ProSkin Retouch: Along with the introduction of HD a not so perfect makeup or small skin problems have become quite visible on the screen. This issue grows even larger with 4K. To overcome those problems Ignite developed the plugin ProSkin Retouch. The skin tone is automatically detected allowing a digital make up. This way skin problems are easily solved and removed from view. This plug-in is a valuable tool to help with keying issues as well. Keying often leads to an unnatural color of the skin. Color correction needs to be applied which can be time consuming and bothersome. ProSkin Retouch restores the natural skin tone fast and easily. Once you have tried this tool, you will never want to be without it anymore.
Day For Night: Night scenes for big movie productions are often being shot during daytime. To get the looks right in postproduction a lot of tweaking needs to be done. Ignite’s Day For Night effect achieves a perfect illusion in almost no time with just a few clicks. This is another example for the high quality look which is typical for all Ignite effects.
Glow: If your shot consists of high contrast scenes, then this effect will add a magical glow. Setting keyframes you can seamlessly control the glow intensity and adapt to any changes in your scene.
Timecode: There are occasions when you like to superimpose a timecode on your scene to visualize progress in time? Or maybe you temporally like to print out a version of your video to be able to discuss scenes with your customers referring to a timecode position? Ignite gives you the choice and lets you place timecode at any position in any size you like.
Reflection: The Reflection effect mirrors your image at any desired position and axis. By animating those parameters you are able to achieve very dynamic and surreal effects.
Blur-Videofilter: We know of no other blur filter of this quality. The Ignite Blur filter simulates the „focus/out of focus“ effect of a real  lens in a very realistic manner.  With our shot of Alcatraz (which is originally sharp) we applied this effect – doesn’t this look real? Setting keyframes you may animate the degree of being in or out of focus as you wish.
Magnify: The Magnify effect works just like a magnifying glass that you can position anywhere on your screen in any desired size. This is an ideal effect to guide your audience to concentrate on a certain region of your image.
Color Temperature: The sunset does not look as warm as you wished because maybe your camera’s white balance was set to auto? Ignite lets you set the Color Temperature as you like and create the perfect mood fast and easy.


This was just a small number of the over 160 plug-in effects available for EDIUS.
The following table lists all effects.

List of 160 plug-ins (Ignite Pro 2 (2018)) supported by EDIUS
(not supported effects are marked (*))

360° video

•    360° Text
•    360° Video Transform
•    360° Video Viewer*
•    NEW 360° Animated lasers
•    NEW 360° Blur
•    NEW 360° Bulge
•    NEW 360° Channel Blur
•    NEW 360° Fisheye Converter
•    NEW 360° Fractal Noise
•    NEW 360° Glow
•    NEW 360° Lightsword (2-Point Auto)*
•    NEW 360° Lightsword (4-Point Manual)
•    NEW 360° Lightsword (Glow only)
•    NEW 360° Magnify
•    NEW 360° Neon Path*
•    NEW 360° Twirl
•    NEW 360° Unsharpen


•    Bilateral Blur
•    Diffuse
•    Lens Blur
•    Motion Blur*
•    Radial Blur
•    Zoom Blur


•    Channel Blur
•    Channel Mixer
•    Channel Swapper
•    Channel Time Shift

Color correction

•    Auto Color
•    Auto Contrast
•    Auto Levels
•    Color Temperature
•    Crush Blacks & Whites
•    Custom Gray
•    Hotspots
•    Pro Skin Retouch
•    White Balance

Color grading

•    Bleach Bypass
•    Cine Style
•    Color Vibrance
•    Day for Night
•    Duo Tone
•    Grading Transfer*
•    Hue Colorize
•    Hue Shift
•    Shadows & Highlights
•    Three Strip Color
•    Two Strip Color
•    Vibrance
•    Vignette
•    LUT
•    Vignette Exposure


•    Cartoon
•    Emboss
•    Find Edges
•    Glow Darks
•    Leave Color
•    Posterize
•    Solarize
•    Threshold
•    Tint


•    Echo
•    Motion Trails*
•    Speed
•    Time Displacement*
•    Time Reverse


•    Bulge
•    Chromenator
•    Derez
•    Displacement
•    Energy Distortion
•    Fluid Distortion
•    Heat Distortion
•    Insect Vision
•    Magnify
•    Mosaic
•    Smoke Distortion
•    Twirl
•    Waves
•    Witness Protection
•    NEW Block Displacement
•    NEW Puppet*


•    3D Extrusion
•    Animated Lasers
•    Audio Spectrum*
•    Audio Waveform*
•    Auto Volumetrics
•    Caustics*
•    Clouds
•    Dimension Rift
•    Drop Shadow
•    End Credits Crawl
•    Fractal Noise
•    Grid
•    Hyperdrive
•    Letterbox
•    Lightsword (Glow)
•    Lightsword (2-point Auto)
•    Lightsword (4-point Manual)
•    Lightsword Ultra (Glow)
•    Lightsword Ultra (2-Point Auto)
•    Lightsword Ultra (4-Point Manual)
•    Neon Path (Path)*
•    Pond Ripple
•    Pulp Sci-fi Title Crawl
•    Radio Waves
•    Reflection
•    Sphere
•    Split Screen Masking*
•    Tile
•    Timecode
•    NEW Clone
•    NEW PiP
•    NEW Text


•    Film Damage
•    Film Grain
•    Flicker
•    Grain
•    Half Tone
•    Half Tone Color
•    Jitter
•    Lens Dirt
•    Noise
•    Scan Lines
•    Shake
•    Stutter
•    TV Damage
•    NEW Dot Matrix
•    NEW Pixel Sort


•    Parallax
•    Projector*

Gradients & fills

•    4-point Color Gradient
•    Color Gradient
•    Radial Gradient


•    Chroma Key
•    Chroma UV Blur
•    Color Difference Key
•    Demult
•    Difference Key*
•    Hue & RGB Key
•    Luminance Key

Lights & flares

•    Auto Light Flares
•    Anamorphic Lens Flares
•    Gleam
•    Glow
•    Light Flares
•    Light Leak
•    Light Rays
•    Light Streaks
•    Neon Glow

Matte enhancement

•    Alpha Brightness & Contrast
•    Crush Blacks & Whites Alpha
•    Erode White
•    Invert Alpha
•    Light Wrap*
•    Matte Cleaner
•    Remove Color Matting
•    Set Matte*
•    Spill Removal

Particles & simulation

•    Atomic Particles
•    Blood Spray
•    Fire
•    Gunfire
•    Lightning & Electricity
•    Rain on Glass
•    Shatter

Video clean-up

•    Clone Stamp*
•    Denoise
•    Grain Removal
•    Rolling Shutter*
•    Wire Removal


•    Action Cam Crop
•    Action Cam Lens Distort
•    Bezier Warp
•    Lens Distort
•    Perspective Warp
•    Polar Warp
•    Quad Warp
•    Spherical Warp
•    Vortex Displacement Warp

System requirements

•    PC: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit), Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit)
•    Mac: macOS 10.13 High Sierra, OS X 10.12 Sierra oder OS X 10.11 El Capitan
•    Space required on harddisk: 700MB
•    Internet access: required for online activation
•    Processor: Intel Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, Intel Xeon (Nehalem) or AMD equivalent.
•    RAM: 4GB (8GB recommended)
•    Graphics card: OpenGL 2.0 compatible hardware with at least video memory of 1GB, 2GB for 4K/UHD
•    For example: NVIDIA GeForce 400 Series (2010), AMD Radeon HD 6000 Series (2010), Intel HD Graphics 4000 (GT2) (2012)

Trial version
HitFilm Ignite is available for download. You may test the trial version as long as you wish, effects and filters will show a watermark. After purchase you can simply enter your serial number with no need for  reinstallation of the software.

All current plug-ins installers you find on our download webpage.

All plug-ins are availabe at your local EDIUS reseller.